Some people can’t live without music, some without sport or chocolate. And there is this other group of people who are addicted to creating new things 😉 On this blog there is not really much to read but you can find some inspiration/tutorials for hairtstyles, jewellery, sewing, tatting, drawing, …

For me it all began when I was a little kid and I wanted to be like my mum, so I sat next to her and drew ‘just like she’. Then there was this project  in ‘gimnasium’ where we were supposed to draw like Wyspiański, so I tried to recreate ‘Helenka’ and that’s how I found out how amazing dry pastels could be.

a04i1In high school, quite by chance, I began dancing and I’ve been doing it since then – with few breaks, with different partners, but it’s love that is to stay with me forever. High school was also a starting point for making jewellery. I went to school with feathers or little legos on my ears and rubber boots on my feet (not so ‘a la mode’ back then). By now I have like hundreds of earings and nowhere to wear them 😉 High school was also a time when I made my first clothes (without a sewing machine!).

Obraz 288

Studying, however pleasant and please-take-me-back-to-these-period-of-my-life and amazing, was an era of cultivating all hobbies, without any new ones. That is, until GoT. Watching Arya’s hairstyle pushed me to experimenting with my hair, which I found strangely relaxing and satisfying.


After finishing my studies, I had a crush on sewing. I always wanted to be able to make clothes of my dreams instead of hunting in shopping centres, but it was always just a wishful thinking. Until this one blouse I bought, which was like beyond awesome, but impossible to find for the second time. Here is the culprit:


Curious what  future hides for me, for know I feel like going back to tatting 3 D flowers 😉  Enjoy my blog!

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