New Year’s Eve hairstyle


You’ll need:

  • brush,
  • one transparent elastic,
  • one regular elastic,
  • sprayer,
  • bunch of curlers,
  • hair spray.

Hairstyle is very similar to ‘Last minute’, I just modified it a little to give it a more festive touch.

  1. Brush your hair.
  2. Make a parting a little to your left.
  3. Using the hair from left side, braid a one-side French braid, secure it with a transparent elastic.
  4. Using the hair from right side, braid a regular English braid, while incorporating the previously created French braid.
  5. Stop braiding more less in the middle, secure the hair with elastic.
  6. Sprinkle the remaining hair with water. Then make curls with curlers (I waited about an hour before releasing curlers).
  7. Use some hair spray to make the hairstyle more durable.

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