Curly vs dreamy angel


You will need:

  • modelling clay,
  • acrylic paint,
  • nail polish with glitter.

Last week I created the Curly Angel, and just yesterday I made the Dreamy Angel. I tried to learn from my mistakes from the last week, so first of all, I choose colours more carefully. Last time the aggressive yellow colour of hair ruined the angel. I also noticed that mixed, dark colours are not the best idea, so I made the angel’s dress out of light blue modelling clay. I also put considerably more effort in creating the dress than before: I added the collar, bows, I painted it gently with white acrylic paint. What’s more, since last time I wasn’t satisfied with the wings, I changed them completely. I figured that wings facing up are far more cheerful (and visible) than those facing down. I also decided not to paint angel’s face with nail polish since shining face doesn’t look so great.


Unfortunately sth went wrong with the smile (and face in general) of Dreamy Angel, so I’m not sure if it’s really an improvement. What’s more, I definitely like curls more that smooth hair.



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