Magic roses


To make these rose shaped earrings you will need:

  • modeling clay,
  • nail polish,
  • earring hooks,
  • thick jewellery wire.

There are 3 step to do these cute roses:

  1. Form roses from the modeling clay (best part ;)).
  2. “Bake” them in the oven.
  3. Put nail polish on it to achieve the shining look.

To form the roses you just form small balls out of modeling clay and then flatten them with fingers. Use flat circles as petals.  When the rose is finished, lead    a piece of jewellery wire through it and form  hook at the bottom. We will use it to attach the earing hook at the end. Since the wire can be visible at the bottom, you can add some ‘leafs’ to cover it.


There are two ways to make the modeling clay harden. You can either cook or bake it. I tried the cooking in the past and I noticed that it leaves unesthetic sediment on the work, so I recommend baking. My modeling clay didn’t have any instructions regarding the temperature and time of baking, but the commonly used 100 degrees and 20 minutes worked just fine:


After baking I attached the earing hooks. Actually, you can end your work just then. However, since I wanted to have not mat but shining earring I put some nail polish on them. Note that it causes the work to look a little more ‘artificial’.



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