Bicolour flowers: tangle


You will need:

  1. Crochet cotton (for example Anchor Aida 10/20),
  2. Tatting needle,
  3. Shuttle ,
  4. Scissors,
  5. Beads.

My last post concerning bicolour flowers  was about zebra like flowers and flowers with layers. Today I tried sth else, also bicolour idea, but for intertwined flowers.

Looking for sth fun and bicolour to tat, I found  this interesting pattern. It is not as easy at it looks there, but it’s manageable 😉 Note that the pattern proposed for flower is completely different from the one I made so far (see my post about tatting flowers). Instead of linking 5 rings, it’s composed of one ring and 5 chains.

Although the flower itself looks nice, the idea is to spice it up with intertwined second flower. Dealing with entwining is a little tricky, you have to pay attention to make all petals tangled in the same manner. Here is the short instruction step-by-step:



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