Bicolour flowers: zebras and layers


You will need:

  1. Crochet cotton (for example Anchor Aida 10/20),
  2. Tatting needle,
  3. Shuttle ,
  4. Scissors,
  5. Bobby pins,
  6. Beads.

Yesterday, quite by accident, I found this tutorial and just couldn’t help it but try.  I mixed different colours (all 3 I have ;)) in various proportions. Finally, I ended up with 3 ‘zebra like’  flowers. I advice to use contrasting colours since for example with white and lilac threads the bicolor feature is not really visible, especially from afar. I also recommend to use a little thicker thread as a leading thread and thinner as additional one. It’s not only easier to do, but also looks better.

Since I wasn’t truly content with ‘zebra like’ flowers, I had to experiment more with mixing colors. After several failed attempts, I discovered that linking two flowers  (one smaller and one bigger) in contrasting colors gives an awesome effect. Mixing regular flower with fancy bigger one with pictos looks adorable.

For most flowers I used beads, and for one I cut off one flower from flower shaped ribbon I have. Finally I attached the bobby pins to make my flowers useful, et voila 🙂 You can  see bicolor flowers both from the front and from the back. Note that zebra like flowers look quite nice from the back.



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