Tatting + crochet = ?


You will need:

  1. Crochet cotton (for example Anchor Aida 10),
  2. Tatting needle,
  3. Shuttle ,
  4. Crotchet,
  5. Scissors,
  6. Ear hooks,
  7. Some beads.

Today’s experiment is mixing two different techniques: tatting and crochet. Honestly I wasn’t really familiar with crochet and I learned just this one pattern to spice up the tatting a little bit 😉 I was so desperate to make it work that my crochet got bended!

All the above presented earings are based on one pattern, namely this one:


Sometimes it may be a little tricky to pull the (white) thread through the (white) ‘eye’, but it gets easier, as everything, with practice.

For first two pair of earrings I just added some beads:



As for the last pair, I added so called ‘onion ring’ (I’ll write about it soon) and tried to use it upside down:


Pendants for the earrings are ‘pending’, I hope to finish them this week.

Hope my instructions were helpful, have fun experimenting with crochet!


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