Tatting flowers 3D


You will need:

  1. Crochet cotton (for example Anchor Aida 10),
  2. Tatting needle,
  3. Shuttle ,
  4. Scissors.

Recently I’ve played a lot with one specific tatting pattern I found in Bojrakowska-Przeniosło’s book. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but it was so worth it!

Below there is a pattern for a 3 level flower:


Obviously you can make as many levels as you want, I draw just 3 cause drawing it is less fun than tatting it 😉

Independently of number of levels and of opitions you choose (green and red lines), it always starts with ring with 6 ds and 6 picots.  When I began making the first level, I wasn’t able to make it cling to the base ring, so I decided to ignore all ds between picots (both small and big). On the above presented pattern I marked those omitted ds with red colour. Below you can see the effect of my modification:

flowers3d4There is one 4 level flower and one 5 level (tighter) flower, presented on both sides. This is the first tatting thing I made where you can actually notice the difference between left and right side.

Since flowers turned out not to be very 3D-ish, I figured maybe I should stick with the original version. I squeezed my thread REALLY, extremely tight  and I finish the flower with 6 chains (green lines on the pattern above):

flowers3D5Just out of curiosity, I also tried the version without squeezing:

flowers3D3In my opinion the tigher flower looks better 🙂

Finally I made a very tight one with 7 levels:

flowers3D2To sum up:

  • the tighter you make it and the more levels you use, the better ‘3D’ effect you get,
  • don’t get discourage! If you think you can not possibly make it tighter, try it anyway 😉

All the above presented flowers aren’t finished yet (you can see the thread sticking out;)), cause I’m not really sure what to do with them. Their left side is not as pretty as the right, so it should be sth with only one side visible. I think they would look great as a hair accessory, a brooch or close-to-ear earrings, especially for a bride or a communion child. I also thought about a whole tatting  bouquet or a decoration for a greeting card. So many ideas, so little flowers… 😉

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