Cersei’s hairstyles: Sansa’s wedding


You will need:

  • 4 elastics,
  • ~6 bobby pins,
  • 2 curlers,
  • hairspray.

If you like twisting, this would be perfect for you, since hairstyle arose from twisting different parts of hair in different directions 😉 At least that’s what I figured while looking at the original version:

cersei21I’ve no idea if problem lies in my hair or is it because they use fake hair in movies, but my (not so thin hair) just wasn’t enough to make proper hairstyle.  If you like it anyways, here are some instructions:

  1. Part your hair in the middle.
  2. Take some thin section of hair just near the parting, let’s say to the left, twist it towards parting and pin the twist when you reach the back of your head. Repeat for the right side.
  3. Separate some very very small sections of hair on both sides (we will create curls out of it).
  4. Choose one side, use the remaining lower front part (above your ear), twist it to the upper back of your head, pin it there, then start braiding and secure your braid with elastic.  Repeat for the other side.
  5. Form bun out of two created braids, pin it. (Here I noticed I have too little hair, since my bun wasn’t as big and beautiful as Cersei’s.)
  6. Take small section of hair from underneath your lower twist, just in the middle, form a braid, secure it with elastic. Do NOT braid it to the end, stop when you reach your neck. Repeat for the other side. (Again – problem with too little hair, when watching the series I was convinced that these braids were just the endings of the ones that formed the bun).
  7. Apply curlers on the hair from (3).
  8. Divide remaing hair in half, twist it tightly (together with braids from (6) ) and create rope braids out of each part.
  9. Use some hairspray on the rope braids to make sure they will not unravel. Take of the curlers. Voila the finished hairstyle!

PS My teddy bear was very eager to be on the picture, so you can see his ear, cheek and one paw 😉


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