Sansa’s jousting hairstyle


You’ll need:

  • brush, 
  • 3 elastics,
  • 4-6 bobby pins,
  • hair spray (optionally).


First, you have to create a parting in the middle and then separate 3 sections of hair, just like in (1). Grab small section of hair from the largest part, braid and secure it (2). Now comes the most tricky step – (3).  Grab front section of hair and, keeping it close to your scalp, begin to form a circle. Stop when you decide you found appropriate place to begin braiding and pin it right there.  In GoT, Sansa’s braids start quite early:


But when they start later, it also looks quite nice (4). After pinning the section you can use a little hair spray, I’m not a fan but it helps with elegant, not-messy look. After creating a braid, secure it with elastic and start creating a tiny snail-shaped bun. In this post I presented two different options for pinning your ‘snail bun’ – either more in front (like in the series) or more in the back (see 4). When you’re done with the first bun, repeat step 3 for the other side. It’s harder than the first, since symmetry can be real pain in the ass… Done with the other bun? You finished whole hairstyle!

If you’re interested in other GoT hairstyles, see Cersei inspired and Arya inspired  tutorials.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial 🙂 Please let me know it you have any ideas how to improve it!


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