Samba routine

  1. Whisk (2x)
  2. Promenade & Counter Promenade (2x)
  3. Criss Cross Voltas
  4. Lock Steps
  5. Criss Cross Bota Fogos (2x)
  6. Maypole (man turning left)
  7. Back Rocks (1.5 x)
  8. Reverse Turn (1.5 x)

At the end of the second Whisk (1), it is necessary to rotate a little to prepare for Promenade (2). In (3), man does 4 Voltas to left and then 4 Voltas to the right. There are 4 Lock Steps (4) – apart, to each other, then again apart and to each other. When partners are close to each other, their outer hands are supposed to meet. Both in (7) and (8) it is recommended to begin in the middle of certain figures.


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