Sweet little dolls


The background story for those two marshmallows is rather easy to guess – it was a gift for a wedding day. Since I found out about one of my dearest friends’ wedding, I wanted to give him sth special, apart from the usual gifts. After some painful thinking, my mind finally  found a connection between the above mentioned wedding and  polish book “Każde dziecko to potrafi (Every child can do this)”. Below you can find a slightly altered and shortened “Laleczka do pokochania (~Dolly you’ll love)”  tutorial.

To make one doll you’ll need:

  • Ball of yarn, 
  • Ping pong ball,
  • Scraps of material,
  • Quite large book (~A4),
  • Glue.

When all

  1. Create a braid for arms.
  2. Make hole in your ping-pong ball.
  3. Pull some yarn through the hole in ping-pong ball, braid the rest with arm part to create a body part, after some braiding split it into two to create legs.
  4. Draw a face on the ball.
  5. Sew clothes.
  6. Style her/his hair.

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