Rumba routine

Short rumba routine for intermediate:

  1. Sliding doors
  2. Closed hip twist
  3. Fan
  4. Alemana
  5. Spin
  6. Rope spinning
  7. Openning out to right and left, 2 times
  8. Spot turn
  9. Pose
  10. Natural top

Sliding doors can be found on  here (1:38-1:46),  same video shows parts 3-7 (around 0:40-1:00). Unfortunately I didn’t find the name of pose (9). Firstly, the woman wraps her left leg around men’s right thigh, then she bends backwards (slowly) and comes back up (fast). As for ‘Natural top’ I recommend this site.

Btw, when I was lookning for the proper name of  pose (9), it stroke me that rumba looses with harlem shake on google fight. Just… no comments.


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