Little black skirt – sewing pattern

Little black skirt constists of the upper part, namely the wide kind of belt, and the lower part – the skirt itself.

The upper part is, without doubt, more challenging. It’s made out of 8 pieces, 6 of which are presented below:



The other two pieces are created by using patterns for front parts and back parts, respectively. Front part of belt is created by sewing 3 above presenting front parts together (smaller pieces are supposed to be on the side, larger piece in the middle) and then joining it with the last, the largest piece. Similar steps are required to create the back part.

The rectangular used for skirt itself needs to be as wide as you want your skirt to be long ( around 20-30 cm), tulle that is beneath cotton has to be a little wider. As for length, I think using 2*(your hips circumference) will be more than enough. Before sewing wide belt and ‘rectangular’ together, it is very important to make dense pleats.

Once more, the outcome:



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