Peasant Blouse – step by step

You’ll need:

– less than 1 meter of white, a little rigid fabric (150 cm wide)

– less than 1 meter of violet, rather elastic fabric (150 cm wide)

– about 2,5 m of white elastic

– some white and violet thread

 Sewing patterns are fairly easy to prepare. For a sleeve, you draw a rectangular, which length is determined but the desired sleeve length and width is considerably wider than your actual arm circumference. Then you cut a curved line for the armhole and it’s done. The front/back patterns are a little more complicated. You also start with the rectangular, where the length is determined by the distance from under your breasts to the point where you want your neckline to start and the width is considerably bigger than the quarter of your actual bust circumference.  The armhole is exactly the same as for the sleeve, but the front/back part requires also a second curved line for the neckline. You can make it as deep as you want, I decided to go with about 10 cm in the deepest point. Here are the finished patterns:


As for the bottom part of your blouse, it is best to take one of your body fitting blouse and copy the pattern from under the bust to the end.

Finally – the sewing!

1)      Sew violet fabric with the white one. Measure yourself under the bust and prepare that much elastic. Then sew it onto white fabric, where white and violet parts meet. Repeat for the other part.

2)      Sew red lines together, namely the front and back parts with the sleeves.

3)      Measure your arm where you want the blouse to end, prepare the elastic and sew it on at the end of the sleeve. Repeat for the other sleeve.

4)      Sew along blue lines.

5)      Finish the neckline: try on the blouse  as it is to check how much elastic you’ll need (I use about 80 cm) and then sew it on. Remember to sew it on about 2-3 cm from the end line of the opening, not closer to it. I made mistake of sewing it at a distance of about 1,5 cm and now it happens that elastic turns a little and it’s visible from the outside :/

6)      Enjoy your blouse! 😉


PS Try the blouse on as often as possible, to control if you’re going in the right direction 🙂





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