Since I saw a certain episode of The Vampire Diaries I fall in love with Rebekah’s hairstyle, it was truly gorgeous! Check out yourself:

Since I couldn’t find any tutorials for it, I tried to cope on my own. After few unsuccessful trials, I made this:

It is obviously not as devine as the original hairstyle, but it’s still very nice.

It you feel like trying it, follow instructions:

  1. Make a parting in the middle.
  2. Separate some front strands and tie them with elastic (we will use them later).
  3. From the top middle parts (on both sides) create braids ,
  4. Divide rest hair into two sections: upper and lower.
  5. Make a braid using the lower section, pin it in few places. Important! Before pinnig, wrap the strands from (2) around this ‘hairband’.
  6. Use the rest hair to create the fishbone braid.



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