Cheerful snail


You’ll need:

  • brush, 
  • hairband,
  • harigami,
  • 2 elastics,
  • several bobby pins.

This bun was inspired by  Arya from ‘Game of Thrones’. It is rather simple to do:

  1. After brushing your hair, create a high pony tail.
  2. Use half of a pony tail to form a snail-shaped bun. Personally, I recommend to use harigami.
  3. Divide the rest hair in half and form two regular (English) braids. Secure them with tiny, transparent elastic bands.
  4. Finally, wrap the braids nicely around the bun and tie them together at the bottom. Use bobby pins to make sure your hairstyle is nicely stable.

This hairstyle looks really amazing and it ‘s very durable.  In case of very long hair , the second part is the trickest, sometimes it’s necessary to smooth hair out (with hair conditioner or coconut oil or whatever suits you best).

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